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People-oriented, Display your talents
Every employee is the company's most valuable asset, we respect the value of each employee, and provide them career development space and stage.

Talkpod incorporates employee growth into corporate development planning, to let our employees approve our company culture, achieve goals together.

On the road to realizing vision and mission of Talkpod, we will gain honor and progress together with our company.

Discover your abilities
We discover able people and put them at suitable posts, to be able to achieve your own all-round multi-dimensional understanding of outstanding talents

Carefully understand the characteristics of employees, strive to make the best and avoid short, fully stimulate the staff's work enthusiasm, and constantly create outstanding performance on the stage!

Focus on potential and performance
In terms of talent recruitment, educational background is not the sole criterion for selecting talents. We value the comprehensive quality and development potential of individuals, so as to accept and absorb talents with the view of development.

The pursuit of excellence is part of our core values, in the introduction of talents, we are also guided by core values and results, focusing on process implementation and ensuring superior performance.

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