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Talkpod at IWCE 2017 in Las Vegas Convention Center.


Local time March 29-30, 2017, Talkpod joined the US agents to participate in the Las Vegas IWCE international wireless communications technology exhibition. IWCE is a global event in the field of professional wireless communications. At the show site, Talkpod DMR digital walkie-talkie and Network public network products by the industry and agents of great concern, the introduction of new products and new technologies to expand the North to further strengthen the North American market position.

Talkpod appeared in the United States IWCE, Germany PMR, Hong Kong Global Sources and other professional communications exhibition, through the exhibition and industry exchange meetings, a variety of competitive products to the global market. As a professional network and the public network communications brand, strict implementation of the quality standards, a full range of products through the certification, which includes the domestic radio model approval, IP67 dust and water test, the European CE, the United States FCC, , For the extension of the global market opened up a good foundation. In the global radio industry began to digital transformation of the wave, completed from analog to digital technology changes, from private to multi-mode integration of innovation in the market segment product line is more professional and mature, has gradually grown to global Professional communications solutions and equipment suppliers.

Talkpod Rich product line to meet the different needs of different customers, D5 series of digital walkie-talkie with TDMA through double slot, digital analog dual mode, custom encryption value, IP67 dust and water and other strong selling point, excellent digital compatibility to ensure that users low cost Smooth transition of analog - to - digital conversion communication requirements.Talkpod N5 series of public network radio with a full call group call, GPS scheduling, channel group switching, SOS a key alarm and other powerful features, can be achieved in the public communications network coverage within the scope of the national and global intercom.

Through this exhibition can feel the current rapid development of the international communications market, digital and public network technology enjoys popular support, different industries different standards for the majority of manufacturers to provide a living space. For Talkpod how to cut this piece of cake is the most important, in the field of subdivision, we are more focused on the commercial market customer base, digging the market continue to enrich the added DMR digital and public network products, the formation of industrial and commercial high-end brand effect. So that the global partners, to feel the combination of digital and narrowband products to bring new growth points, while accelerating Talkpod's development.