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Talkpod successfully provided communication solutions for BRICS summit in Xiamen.


The ninth meeting of the leaders of the world-famous BRIC countries was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian. The conference was provided with 350 trillion police digital equipment and public network cluster communication products, covering the conference venue, international exhibition center, ferry terminal, Major roads and other important areas. BRIC leaders gathered in Xiamen, review and summarize the cooperation between gold and brick, plan the future development of blueprint. During the meeting, also held the BRIC National Business Forum, emerging market countries and developing countries dialogue and other activities. From the meeting to the needs of the owners of the unit to the custom communication program, and then to the distribution terminal, training, exercise until the completion of communication security, Talkpod hand in hand business for nearly two months time. Talkpod with its stable performance, to achieve zero call failure, the successful completion of the entire conference during the service and security work.


BRICS meeting is the international high-standard meeting of the security project, so many police and security forces, unified command and control naturally become the key to enhance the efficiency of security, Talkpod the provision of private network and public network communications equipment, relying on 350 police With the digital system and the harmonious public network cluster system to assist the meeting security, patrol, maintenance and other working groups to communicate effectively, while the commander in the visual command platform for the exhibition center and the surrounding security distribution at a glance. In the event of a sudden emergency, the visual command dispatch system can frame the surrounding security forces and form a temporary group, the dispatcher can start a call to the group, quickly arrange the nearest security forces.


Special network communication and public network communication application of different scenarios, complement each other. In the global attention, Talkpod's private network and public network products successfully participated in the protection of an "international event" to ensure that the security work is foolproof, to produce a satisfactory answer.

The success of the BRIC meeting will further enhance the brand value and market position of the company in the domestic government industry, professional market and police frequency band, and play a good demonstration effect on the future of Talkpod in the whole country and the global high-end market The At the same time will Talkpod D55 police band, N55 public network cluster walkie-talkie and other products in other similar projects, large-scale conference in the country to play an important role in the promotion. Talkpod will continue to maintain digital products and public network product research and development of continuous high investment, continue to expand the professional market