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Talkpod new product promotion and public network cluster communication application and development seminar held in Hangzhou successfully

September 15, Talkpod public network and digital walkie-talkie new channel promotion and "public network cluster communications applications and development" as the theme of the 37th session of the dedicated mobile communications applications and development forum held in Hangzhou, the meeting by the TCCA China branch , Talkpod technology and other units jointly organized by China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, the three major operators as a support unit, for the first time assembled in the public network cluster meeting, and arrange the market and technical leadership, experts do live lectures.

Talkpod as a professional communications field of the event, from all over the country's agents, integrators, industry users, more than two hundred people will join the event. Talkpod in the meeting to experience the form of the center, showing the D5 series of digital walkie-talkie, N5 series of public network cluster walkie-talkie and public network cluster scheduling platform and other products.

Professor Zheng Zuhui, Chairman of TCCA China Chapter, said in his opening remarks that it is clear that the market positioning, application and development of public network cluster communication is the main purpose of this meeting. Professor Cheng believes that the public network cluster PTT and voice services, functions, although the task is still less than the mission-critical communication (Mission Critical Communication) requirements, but it in the narrowband and broadband communications convergence process can make up for both Will be an indispensable system, and should be included in the scope of private network communications.

Professor Cheng also hope that in the private network of narrow and narrow band and the public network with the process, more users and businesses to forge ahead in unity, the Chinese private network communications technology and market bigger and better, and this time The meeting also looks forward to a unified understanding of the public network cluster, for the industry to maintain orderly competition and development of "ideological work."

Public network 2.0 era is the era of integration, is the integration of public, wide and narrow integration, the integration of the terminal and business integration. In this regard, Talkpod technology has been in front of the progressive realization of the multi-network, multimedia, multi-service and multi-terminal, and in a number of industry segments to form a typical application. Around the industry market, Talkpod and operators, platform providers, channel partners and application developers, can work together to build, sharing converged communications ecosystem.