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Talkpod is going to provide 350 MHz police digital communication for BRICS summit in Xiamen.


The ninth brics summit will be held in xiamen, China from September 3 to 5. Recently, Talkpod launched a bid to purchase 350 MHz police digital communications equipment in a public bidding system for a total of more than 1.4 million items.During the brics, Talkpod D5 series products police frequency will cover the summit, international exhibition center, ferry pier, main road and other important areas. 



BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.From the first brics foreign ministers' meeting in September 2006 to 2017, brics cooperation has been more fruitful.These ten years, the brics countries and seek common development, made outstanding contributions to world economic growth, economic output accounts for the proportion of the global economy from 12% to 23%, become the main force of boosting global economic growth.



The implementation of this project will further enhance the brand value and market position of Talkpod in the domestic government industry, professional market, police frequency band and other fields, The application of Talkpod in the future digital communication equipment in the whole country and in the global high-end market has a good demonstration effect. At the same time, Talkpod D55 will play an important role in the promotion of other similar projects and large conferences in China. Talkpod will continue to maintain high investment in digital product research and development and continue to expand professional market business.



Talkpod is one of the few brands that have joined the digital communication alliance in China. I have first completed the transformation from analog to digital technology, from the Internet to the innovation of integrated communication, the market product line is more professional and mature, and has gradually grown into a global professional communication solutions and equipment supplier. Talkpod Digital radio terminal product type is very rich, including DMR, POC, PDT, dual mode, such as system, can satisfy the diversified needs of customers of different industries, digital transformation strategy for Talkpod offers a very competitive product line.