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ODM Secondary development Standards and Patents PTT Platform

Talkpod technology is a collection of research production and marketing an integrated enterprise of science and technology, has higher than the industry overall level of production base, including more than 5600 square meters of standard communication equipment production workshop, modern equipment, high-quality staff team and excellent management team, have years of experience in the ODM, at the same time can provide complete solution for the customer, is a leading domestic walkie-talkies and accessories research and development, the generation of processing suppliers.
Talkpod technology is on the basis of their proprietary technology, melting into in the ODM way intercom related products production, to provide customers with solutions for their needs, can be in product quality control, cost control, control of the operational efficiency management organize production according to customer's requirements, with advanced control, through many years of accumulation of experience, to provide the products of the same type ODM production or processing operations, improve the working efficiency of the customer and production quality.
The company's production capacity is continuously increasing year by year, which can support domestic and global market demand. The company has passed the iso9001:2000 product quality management system and related international product identification and testing certification to ensure that the products can be sold to the global market. The company adopts transnational cross-regional procurement, which not only optimizes the cost, but also improves the quality and competitiveness of the products, which is the preferred supplier of ODM in the industry.