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PTT  N55

Talkpod N55 PTT Network Radio

Talkpod N55 is a mid-to-high end public network handheld radio.
Adopted advanced material, with high quality process, highlighted beauty and detail.
Featured a larger pixel aperture color display with a flexible menu-driven interface and non-polar channel selector knob,
users can know the channel information and operate more conveniently.

Communicate anywhere, Stay connected.

N55 meets the communication needs of customers in the Express, transportation, Warehouse, Events, and Security, advance work efficiency and reduce cost to the operating department.

One Button Operation, Efficient and Fast.

Side buttons and P1、P2 buttons in the front are programmable and defined with various preset features by the programming software.
With these buttons you can one touch to select members, friends, group.
Convenient and efficient usability bring our users better experience.

Large LCD Display, User-friendly

Features a larger pixel aperture color display with a flexible menu-driven interface.
Icons and large easy-to-use navigation buttons ease message reading and menu navigation.
simplify operations for users' daily work and bring them convenience.

Background Operation,Remote Dispatch

After programming platform account into the radio by programming software,
you can set up the group, GPS tracking, remote recording or other dispatching.
in the website or PC dispatcher
Convenient and rapid unified management of members.